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Artificial Intelligence
Building Web-Application
Articles about building web-applications using Java and optionally XML.
Java General
Learning RDF
Learning Topic Maps
Learning XSL-FO
Learning XSLT
Articles about XSLT, covering the basics and mor sophisticated topics. They are primarily intended for learning purposes.
Mailing lists and discussion groups
Metadata Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Products
Miscellanous Developer Software
RDF Frameworks
RDF Miscellaneous
RDF Specifications
Schema General
Schema Repositories
Semantic Web General
Web Services
XML APIs and Parsers
XML Data Binding
XML Databases/Repositories
XML Frameworks
XML Linking General
XML Linking Software
XML Namespaces
XML News
Updated daily or weekly.
XML Protocols
XML Query
XML related
Contains information on topics closely related to XML, like Unicode or URIs.
XML Schema
XML Specifications
Definitive sources for XML.
XML unclassified
XML Updated aperiodically
Updated aperiodically or not even weekly.
XML Vocabularies
XSL General
Articles about applying XSL and surrounding topics.
XSL Software
XSL Specifications
W3C Technical Recommendations/Working Drafts.

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